My Exquisite Exordium

A needle in a haystack


August 2014


Love is in your heart
But it was torn apart
Tears are in your eyes
For all the secrets and lies

© Ayres Adrienne Canlas


I am so lost and yet He found me
I am so weak and then He strengthens me

I may be fool but He made me wise
I may be bad but He made me good

Without Him, I would be nothing
Without Him, I wouldn’t be something
Without Him, I wouldn’t be anything


When everything is falling,
I thought maybe the gravity is working.
How come I can’t feel anything?
Maybe my heart is freezing.

©Ayres Adrienne Canlas


And I’m dying

Dying to see him
Longing and wishing to meet him
Hankering for the time I’ll be with him

And it’s excruciating…

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It’s been 7 days,
I’m wondering if you’re even aware of it.
Or it’s just me, thinking that we’ll have those kind of conversations again.
If by chance I’ll be in your mind, I’ll try to wait and sit.
Drifting and reminiscing all the things you’ve said, knowing that it’s more than just a wit.
But I know I have to try not to fall into the pit.

Written by:  Ayres Adrienne Canlas

No matter what they say;
No matter what life brings along the way,
It’s my choice and decision to stay
For it’s not an option to just walk away.

I will stand firm like an oak tree
For my faith is deep-rooted with Thee.

Phase I

The beginning is the end
The end is the beginning
The top is the bottom
The bottom is the top

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A Brand New Day

As I open my eyes,
I could see the ceiling.
And so I tried to rise
Without undue delaying.

It’s a brand new day,
Fresh as the sea water.
It’s the time to pray and say
‘Lord, thank you for the bread and butter’.

Written by: Ayres Adrienne Canlas

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