I believe in you so much.

I believe to the point that I would cross oceans for you; that distance do not matter; that time would lead us to each other; that space would no longer bother; that stars would align; that moon would guide us to each other; that the cells on our bodies would feel each other; that our atoms would pair up; that our eyes would stare each others’; that our energies would pull us together; that our vibrations would go spread across the globe and make us together. I believe so much. I thought the universe must be insane. I thought the sun blessed us to be together; and that the planets are the witnesses; I thought. God. I thought that would happen. But months have passed and I have no mail. Maybe the universe conspire but you didn’t realize it. I thought maybe you would.

I believe in you so much. I could cross the oceans.

Thanks to my friend who captured the ocean for me.