To my mom
For singing me to sleep
For combing my hair
For waking up at 4 am
For having no sleep sometimes
For cooking scrumptious food
For ironing clothes
For washing the dishes
For making our house – a home
For soothing my fears
For drying my tears
For speaking the truth
For making me believe
For easing our pain with His words
For raising me to be strong
For showing what patience is
For hoping that storms will pass
For believing that pain can give a lesson
For believing that faith can move mountains and part the Red sea
For having kindness and gentleness in your soul
For standing strong
For loving us unconditionally
For giving your life to us
For staying through thick and thin
For being you
For drawing line between what’s right and wrong
For planting values in our hearts
For giving it light
For letting us grow and bloom
For watering it with faith, hope, and love
For every second, every minute,
      every hour, every day,
      every week, every month,
      every year, every decade
      you gave us
For being a friend and a mother
For every word, every action
      you said and did
For being love itself
For being you

I thank you. My gratitude overflows to you.
The list would go on and on.
I love you.
You deserve every thing the world has to offer. But you choose Him; you choose us.
I am beyond thankful and grateful. The universe is generous enough for giving you to us. It is wise enough for making you, our mother.
I love you!