My Exquisite Exordium

A needle in a haystack




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Have you met Empathy along the way?
Have you seen Compassion during the moments of misery?
Have you met Kindness when you were having a bad day?
Are they completely strangers?
Do they ring a bell?
How can someone be ruthless?

Ayres A.C.



At the end of the day, let us ask ourselves ‘what have I accomplished today?’
Every morning is a chance for us to show goodness. Every morning is a promise that there’s still hope. Let us show kindness to everyone we come across to. May we have compassion for one another. May our purpose in life be our driving force and motivation in everything that we do. Have we stopped what we are doing to give a hand to those who need it? It may not be convenient; may not be practical. But at the end of the day, our answers to these questions matter‘have I done something good today? Have I helped someone even though it’s not convenient for me?’

© Ayres Adrienne Canlas

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