My Exquisite Exordium

A needle in a haystack



Indigenous \in-ˈdi-jə-nəs\ • adjective

It was one of rarest bliss that I have felt. The sight was perpetually beautiful yet it seemed like it was waiting to be discovered. 

It was one of the rarest bliss that I have felt. Oddly, my cardiac muscle was beating fast albeit the scenery was calming.

It was one of the serene sceneries that I have seen. The quietude of the island was enough to let my seemingly restless mind eased.

It was one of the serene sceneries that I have seen. Peculiarly, my tired body was beginning to rejuvenate whilst the sun was about to set.

It was one of the remarkable moments that I have had. The indigenous children in the island was filled with fascination when I showed them their photographs.

It was one of the remarkable moments that I have had. Undeniably, the time spent with them was not long yet it was imprinted in my memory.

Luculent \LOO-kyuh-lunt\ • adjective

My circadian rhythm is in reverse.

I am awake at night.

In the morning, I sleep tight.

Remember Sunday,

it gives me a sense of rest;

a feeling of complete zest.

Remember Sunday,

as the week starts to roll,

we are about to climb up a knoll.

Remember Sunday,

the stranger on the street

flashes a smile showing her teeth.

Remember Sunday,

a cup of hot chocolate;

an apt to oscillate.

Remember Sunday,

as the sermon becomes luculent,

perhaps life would be less turbulent.

Remember Sunday

and how it sustains

when all else no longer remain.

Rejuvenate \rih-JOO-vuh-nayt\ verb

We waited for the clock to strike 12.

We waited. 11:59. 

We waited. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1!

The new year finally arrived.

We celebrated and welcomed this year

with hope for brighter days;

with awe for tomorrow.

We are rejuvenated.

We made memories for ourselves,

we feasted and drunk wine.

We are young and we are one.

May the stories of our lives

be bold; may our fears

be conquered; may we find ways

so our love will show.


It was a wonderful January 1. I am thrilled. 2017 would be full of grace. May our projects and goals be done. 🙏 How’s your new year?

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