My Exquisite Exordium

A needle in a haystack



Hoary \ˈhȯr-ē\ • adjective

Of year two thousand fourteen, remember,

Supposedly, an ordinary day.

It was the twenty first of September;

Such a stroke of luck, like fate found its way.

No birds humming, I was certain.

No violins playing – a guarantee.

Time did not slow down, fate drew the curtain.

World did not halt, it did not sip its tea.

From then we said our own ‘hi and hello’.

You started asking questions – whys and hows.

Question after question, we were aglow.

“We would be friends”, seemed like we made a vow.

        But then you left without saying goodbye,

        And in my mind were hoary hows and whys.

Extremophile  \ik-STREE-muh-fyle\  • noun

An extremophile,

As the place becomes extreme

You would dwell in it.

Luculent \LOO-kyuh-lunt\ • adjective

My circadian rhythm is in reverse.

I am awake at night.

In the morning, I sleep tight.

Remember Sunday,

it gives me a sense of rest;

a feeling of complete zest.

Remember Sunday,

as the week starts to roll,

we are about to climb up a knoll.

Remember Sunday,

the stranger on the street

flashes a smile showing her teeth.

Remember Sunday,

a cup of hot chocolate;

an apt to oscillate.

Remember Sunday,

as the sermon becomes luculent,

perhaps life would be less turbulent.

Remember Sunday

and how it sustains

when all else no longer remain.

Grandee  \grand-DEE\  • noun

When the day you vowed for nobility,

Sincerely, you put your hand on your chest.

When the day you sworn for integrity,

We were there, it was witnessed by the rest.

You would like to be one of the grandees.

Answer me, do you remember those days?

“First is service” you used to guarantee.

Answer me, have you lost along the way?

You vowed solemnly, what happened to your oath?

Tell me, have you lost your head in the clouds?

The promises you once loved; now you loathe.

Words coated with sweets, lies covered with shrouds.

       “First is service.” No, that statement was wrong.

       Now I see, your principles are not strong.

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