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Indigenous \in-ˈdi-jə-nəs\ • adjective

It was one of rarest bliss that I have felt. The sight was perpetually beautiful yet it seemed like it was waiting to be discovered. 

It was one of the rarest bliss that I have felt. Oddly, my cardiac muscle was beating fast albeit the scenery was calming.

It was one of the serene sceneries that I have seen. The quietude of the island was enough to let my seemingly restless mind eased.

It was one of the serene sceneries that I have seen. Peculiarly, my tired body was beginning to rejuvenate whilst the sun was about to set.

It was one of the remarkable moments that I have had. The indigenous children in the island was filled with fascination when I showed them their photographs.

It was one of the remarkable moments that I have had. Undeniably, the time spent with them was not long yet it was imprinted in my memory.



This is for March 28. (Sorry for posting late)







2014 has been exquisitely amazing for me. A lot of great things have happened. A series of unexpected events (good & not-so-good) have occurred. The universe has its way of surprising me. And if I’m going to enumerate each one of them, the list would go on and on. I don’t know how many pages it would take. This year has been my defining moment; my turning point. I’ve learned so many lessons, I’m still learning. I’ve experienced so many things for the first time. I’ve been to places I’ve never been before. I’ve done new things. I’ve met new people. I’ve seen new faces. I’ve taken chances. I’ve risked. I’ve been brave and courageous. My consciousness have grown even better. This year is such a blessing. And no words will explain how happy I am at this very moment. I am grateful to all the people I’ve encountered. I know nothing just happen. And our paths have crossed for a reason. I am glad that I’ve talked and met each one of you. You’re all amazing. Some would choose to stay and some would rather leave and that’s fine. That’s life. I’m still thankful that I’ve met you even for a short period of time. To those who have chosen to stay, I am deeply moved. THANK YOU! Most of all, I thank GOD for everything. For all the graces He has bestowed upon me. May everyone have a good start this year. Let’s unpack the grudges in our hearts and start to live and love unconditionally. Let’s embrace this new year with a smile on our faces; with joy and love in our hearts. And let us be generous enough to give love, our world needs it. This is a new start for all of us. God bless everyone! ♥

Two Weeks


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We’ve fought for freedom;
We’ve asserted our rights;
We’ve shed our blood;
We’ve torn our cedula
With a hope that
The new generation
Will cherish and treasure
Freedom through
Words and deeds,
With a hope that
They’ll be free
Not just from the
Cage of the colony
And the chains of society
But from being imprisoned
By themselves.
Have we failed?
Does freedom is being
And misused?

© Ayres A.C.


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